For new wizards who are not used to object orientated programming (OOP), we want to design short and simple patterns to get started quick and easily. In this first step these patterns are only in german, but if you want to obtain infos in english, just contact us.


This should not be an introduction in OOP, there're enough books and tutorials for that purpose available. We want to explain the code with a concrete example, that can be easily adapted to do things of your own.
We will create executeable objects, rooms and npc's and comment them in order to provide you with a small starter kit. Look for yourself and please don't hesitate to contact us in case of suggestions, requests or anything else...


Step by step we will develop the following things:
- A simple chest (solved)
- Putting the chest into a room
- Functionality to open and close the chest
- Possibility to climb into the chest
- A small monster - sitting in the chest
- Possibilities to crack the chest (Lockpicks, Keys o.a.) or open it otherwise ;-)
- Implemt traps (poison o.a.)
- Using skill-queries